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Jeep Special Tours

Eilat Taxi offer special tours from Eilat  By Jeeps to Red Canyon and Timna Park.


Red Canyon Jeep Tour

The jeep tour starts from the hotels in Eilat direction south (Taba).

We will climb from sea level to a breathtaking view from the height of 750 meters above sea level.

On the way we will pass through Wadi Solomon, Rehoboam, Yehoshafat.

We will climb up the old Eilat road and descend to the observation point on Ein Netafim, which is the only water source in the Eilat Mountains. Tour is guided all along.
From Ein Netafim we will drive to the Red Canyon for a hike (approx. an hour & a half). The track combines climbing ladders, a medium-difficulty level hike.

We will conclude with an observation of the four borders from Mt. Yoash.

 4 hours tour including a 1 hour walk in the canyon

Including up to 7 passengers in the Jeep

The price 1100 Shekels


Timna Park Jeep Tour

Departure from hotels to the north through the agricultural areas of Kibbutz Eilot.

We will drive to the observation point on the migrating flamingos in the salt ponds and from there to Timna Park on the road.

Entrance to the park* and visit to all the famous sites: the Mushroom, Pillars of Solomon, the Temple built for the goddess Hathor - the goddess of fertility and copper, the ancient mines (possible to crawl in), the Arches (possible to climbing), and more. Exit the park and drive to the observation point on the Hidden Lake and back to Eilat via the road.

*Note! The price of the tour does not include the   entrance fees. Travelers will pay at the entrance.

 4 hours tour

Including up to 7 passengers in the Jeep

The price 1100 Shekels

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